Vintage Match Strike For Sale

Matches have a special place in many of our hearts. There’s something to be said for the instantaneous flame they give off and the way that their smoky aroma fills a room. Plus, the fact that they’re made of natural ingredients means that they’re not just safe to use in your home but also better for the environment than fluid-based or electric lighters. But if the matches that come in their original box aren’t quite your style, consider picking up one of these stylish match holders and strikers to elevate your everyday essentials.

Old match strikes vintage match strike for sale are a great addition to any collection, as they’re often ornately designed and can be found in a variety of different materials. These objects were once a household necessity, as they were used to store matches while protecting them from accidental ignition. However, as matches themselves became more readily available and other methods of lighting fires were developed, match strikers fell out of favor. Nowadays, antique match strikes are highly sought after by collectors.

This match striker from the 1890s is crafted from silver and glass and features a globular form. The surface of the glass body is embellished with a serrated texture which composes a match striker, while the upper portion of the piece retains its original, plain hallmarked sterling silver mount which continues to line the match receiver. This unique feature is a clear indicator of the exceptional quality and rarity of this piece. The entire match striker is in excellent condition, with full hallmarks struck to the surface of the mount.

If you’re searching for a striking piece that will add an eclectic touch to your home décor, this match striker from a local maker is a fantastic option. The ceramic cowboy boot is designed to hold 25 colorful safety matches, and the textured surface makes for easy striking. The holder is glazed in a soft white that would easily blend in with any aesthetic, and it works best for the “strike anywhere” kind of matches that are pictured.

This porcelain match striker, also known as a pyrogen, is based on antiques that were commonly seen in bistros throughout 19th century France. Traditionally, these pieces served three purposes: the hollowed-out top was used to store matches, while the side or base (with its ridged surface) was used to strike and ignite the match. It’s a great decorative element to put on display or a fun gift for friends and family who appreciate French culture. Please note that this match striker only works with white-tip matches, not regular kitchen matches.