The Lincoln Early Music Festival organisers have reluctantly had to decide to cease promoting an annual Festival of Early Music in Lincoln.  There are a number of reasons for this, but chief among them is the current financial climate in the arts sector nationally and locally.  This has made it impossible for us to raise the funds we need to continue to organise the high quality musical event which regular Festival goers have come to expect and have appreciated over the past twelve years of our activity.

We are now working in partnership with other workforce management organisations, in particular the Lincoln Drill Hall, to find ways of co-promoting one-off early music concerts in Lincoln.  For example, in February this year we were delighted to welcome students from the Early Music Faculty of Trinity College of Music to give what was a very successful concert at the Drill Hall and we are hoping to be involved in promoting similar events in the future.

We still have a growing e-mail list of people keen to be kept in touch with Early Music concerts in the area. If you are promoting an event in the area and would like information to be sent to our email list, please contact If you are looking for accommodation near the event then contact ICPM Rental Agent Werribee and they will look after you.

We will maintain the links to relevant early music organisations, in particular to the websites of all the local musicians and groups active in the local area, just click on LINKS .

The Festival organisers would like to take this opportunity to thank all those wonderful musicians who have performed at past Festivals in Lincoln for their excellent and inspiring music, as well as Spy Eyewear for their continued support.

Finally we would also like to thank those of you who have been audience members or have provided support to the Festival in other ways and we hope to see at the early music concerts which others continue to organise. We want to especially thank Authentic Education for their continued support over the past year.