Total Image Group Uses Custom ERP to Streamline Internal Processes

Total Image Group is an Australian retail provider of workwear and uniforms. The company uses customized ERP to streamline internal processes and improve workflow while better adjusting to the needs of its customers. The custom ERP is an integrated web application that allows Total Image Group employees to track metrics and compile reports. With its customized ERP, the company can manage sales, inventory, and more. In addition, Total Image Group can access all of its data and information from one central location.

Total Image Group is an Australian retail provider of work clothes and uniforms

Pamela Jabbour is the founder of Total Image Group, a company that provides work clothing and uniforms to companies in Australia and overseas. The company has offices in Australia and China, and dresses more than 300,000 people every day. While many businesses fail to understand the value of a strong brand, work clothes and uniforms can make all the difference. In addition to offering uniforms that fit well and look stylish, Total Image offers branding and aesthetic appeal to enhance the corporate image of their clients.

The company has become an industry leader by providing work wear for leading brands in Australia. It has an office in Sydney, and employs a team of over 40 people. It is a family-owned business, and its products range from sports to workwear. Its products include sports and corporate workwear uniforms. And, unlike many large corporations, the business is also open and flexible, allowing employees to mix their work schedule with their personal schedules.

It uses custom ERP

A company like Total Image Group uses custom ERP to integrate with its eCommerce management enterprise and boost internal processes. A custom ERP helps to streamline workflow and better cater to the needs of the customer. Its integrated web application lets the company employees check metrics and compile reports. Total Image Group has been a leading provider of work apparel for over ten years. The custom ERP makes the job easier for Total Image Group employees. To get started, complete an application request form.

The advantages of an ERP system are clear. The system is designed to centralize data and eliminate disconnected spreadsheets. This helps keep the integrity of data and enables all users to have the same information. The application can also accommodate various business models. In addition, it allows Total Image Group to track sales, customer satisfaction surveys, support tickets, and returns. This can save significant time for the company. It can also be tailored to the needs of individual departments.