Yard Waste Removal – How to Get Rid of Your Yard Waste

Whether you’re a do-it-yourself yard care aficionado or just need help clearing out a mess left behind by a landscaper, it’s smart to consider hiring a yard waste removal service. It’s convenient, less expensive than many DIY options and better for the environment. Plus, it leaves you more time to focus on the parts of lawn and garden maintenance you actually enjoy.

If you don’t want to rely on a service, there are several ways to dispose of your own organic waste, but all come with their pros and cons. Some involve some sort of manual labor, such as separating the waste into different categories for recycling or disposal, while others are more hands-off and cost-effective. Some options, such as using a compost pile, can even make your own fertilizer for the plants on your property.

Some cities have specific days each year where they collect yard waste curbside. You may need to separate your waste into bags or containers if the municipality has certain requirements, like only accepting grass cuttings and leaves. For other items, such as tree limbs and brush, you may be required to bundle them or limit their size in order for them to qualify as yard waste.

Other local municipalities will have collection sites where you can drop off your yard waste, but be sure to check for hours of operation and any other restrictions before dropping off your organic waste. You may also need to bring a town or county sticker or license in order to use the facility. Many locations also do not accept residential food scraps, so they’re a good option for yard waste only.

You can also take your yard waste yard waste removal laredo to a local landfill for recycling or disposal. This option can be costly, however, as it requires paying for gas to drive to and from the site. Plus, the waste will need to be bagged or containerized, and it must be kept in a truck or trailer without spilling or leaching any contaminants into the soil.

If you have a large amount of waste to get rid of, a dumpster rental may be the way to go. The waste can be loaded into a bin and rented for a set amount of time, so it’s a great choice for large-scale cleanup projects, such as clearing a lot after a big storm or a new home construction.

Burning your yard waste is not a good option, as it releases carbon into the atmosphere and can be dangerous for pets or kids who wander into the flames. Instead, you can use a wood-chip yard-waste site, which turns the organic material into rich, black humus that’s a great soil supplement for gardens and plants. This is a great alternative to throwing your organic waste into the trash or having it hauled away by a junk removal company.