When a person or business experiences a tax issue

os Angeles is a vibrant metropolitan city with many thriving industries that have local, national and international impact. These industries and the individuals behind them have a wide range of state and federal tax compliance obligations that may be subject to audit, inquiry or challenge. Having a strong tax attorney on your side can make the difference between having no issues or facing significant penalties and fines.

Tax attorneys are specially trained lawyers who deal with tax law and litigation. They often have backgrounds in accounting and can provide expert guidance and assistance with a variety of tax issues that businesses or individuals may face, including preparing taxes, filing tax returns, resolving disputes with the IRS, representing clients in court on tax matters and more. The basic qualification for becoming a tax lawyer is a Juris Doctor degree, but most have additional post graduate qualifications and experience in their field. In addition to dealing with tax dispute resolution, some also specialize in areas such as estate planning, audit defense, tax controversy and more.

When a person or business experiences a Tax Attorneys Los Angeles, they need to find a qualified and experienced Los Angeles tax lawyer. This will ensure that they are able to resolve the matter quickly and effectively. Whether they are being audited by the IRS or need help with state or county tax issues, having an experienced tax lawyer on their side can make all the difference in their case.

The tax lawyers at Victory Tax Lawyers are a great choice for individuals and business owners in need of professional tax representation. They are dual licensed (both as attorneys and Certified Public Accountants) and have a unique background in taxation that makes them well suited for their practice. The firm specializes in state and federal tax dispute resolution for both individual and corporate clients.

They can handle a wide range of tax disputes and have extensive experience with resolving IRS audits, collection issues and defending against allegations of tax fraud and other serious criminal tax violations. They can also assist with property tax appeals and tax penalty abatement matters.

As a former IRS attorney, Vic Abajian is familiar with the internal workings of the agency and can provide valuable insight to his clients in dealing with any federal or state tax issue. He is also knowledgeable about international taxation, particularly with respect to foreign disclosure and reporting issues.

In addition to helping clients with their income tax issues, he can also assist with a variety of other state and local taxation matters, such as business and excise tax issues, sales tax audits, research and development credits and property tax exemption claims.

As a California-based firm, Victory Tax Lawyers is dedicated to providing superior service for all their clients. They have offices throughout the state, including Irvine and Los Angeles. This means that their clients can benefit from being able to meet with their tax attorney in person, which can be especially helpful during an IRS audit.

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