Turn Your Car Into a Branded Billboard With TUCSON Vehicle Wraps

Turn Your Car into a Branded Billboard

A growing trend in automotive customization is the application of vinyl wraps. These protective films can be molded to the shape of a vehicle’s body to give it a chrome-like finish or camouflage print without removing the manufacturer’s paint. Wraps are a cost-effective alternative to a full paint job that will protect the original factory color and offer a unique style for your vehicle.

Full-vehicle wraps encase the vehicle https://www.tucsonvehiclewraps.net in graphics and lettering to advertise your company’s products, services, or message. Whether you want to display your logo from fender to glass or cover your fleet of delivery vehicles in vibrant product images, these durable wraps are sure to get attention on the road.

Unlike traditional advertising avenues, vehicle wraps are a one-time investment that provides prolonged exposure at a fraction of the price. The resiliency of high-quality, full-color wraps also means that they will last for years to come.

Before a wrap can be applied, the vehicle must be thoroughly washed and detailed to remove contaminants that could damage or lift the adhesive. The wrap installer then measures the proportions of the vehicle to ensure that the vinyl decal will fit properly. After the wrap is cut to size, it is installed using heat guns and specialized tools to achieve a seamless finish.

When the time comes to sell your car or change its look, you can take it back to the shop that applied the wrap for removal. If the wrap has maintained its structural integrity, the process will be quick and easy, taking about three to four hours and costing $500 to $600. If the wrap is “baked in,” the process will be more complicated and could cost considerably more.

Wraps cannot be used to cover dents, scratches, or rust because the painted surface underneath will show through. The wrap may also be damaged if the vehicle is exposed to extreme temperatures, such as in a hot sun or during a haboob, or salted roads.

Regularly washing the vehicle with a soft microfiber towel and avoiding automatic car washes that can scratch or lift the adhesive, will help your wrap stay looking its best. Parking your vehicle under covered parking or in a garage can also extend its lifespan. To keep your wrap clean, you can use a waterless wash or a mild cleaner to clean off dust and grime. Avoid applying wax to the wrap, as it will attract dirt and cause the vehicle wrap to fade faster.