Top 5 Work-Safety Apps

The new Safe at Work app provides workers with four different types of assistance, including legal assistance and art therapy. The app also gives people who are bystanders a chance to receive bystander training. The app was recently launched by the Legal Information Society of N.S. (LISNS). The app is designed to provide support in times of crisis.

Ok Alone

Ok Alone is a free smartphone app that connects workers to a supervisor whenever they’re out on the job. It also lets them check-in and request help if they need it. Users can set up their own workflows, adjust check-in frequency, and receive alerts when they’re in a high-risk situation.


StaySafe at work is an app that provides reliable protection for lone workers. It works by monitoring an employee’s location in real time. It also allows them to check in safely and ask for assistance if needed. TheĀ app is easy to use and integrates seamlessly into the working day. It helps employers meet their duty of care and can be used in all industries.

Blue Feniks

The Safe at work app by Blue Feniks provides employers and employees with an easy-to-use reporting tool and code of conducts that help ensure a safer workplace. The app is available for both personal use and official complaint procedures, making it easier for employees to report incidents, dangerous situations, and unwanted behaviour. The app identifies work-related needs and uses the data collected to make improvements in the workplace.

Chemical Safety Facts

There are several precautions that are crucial for every worker handling chemicals, including proper ventilation and protective clothing. This is essential no matter what type of work a person does, whether at an office or in a manufacturing facility. If a chemical is left unattended, it can cause death or serious injury. In addition, there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is especially dangerous when the air is confined to a small space. To prevent these accidents from occurring, manufacturing facilities and chemical laboratories must be well ventilated to eliminate carbon monoxide.

Fatigue Predictor

Fatigue Predictor is an iOS app that can help you manage the effects of fatigue on your performance. It uses a system called the Individual Fatigue Likelihood Score (IFLS) to determine whether you’re at risk of fatigue-related injury. The app is easy to use and is adaptable to your specific situation.


SiteSafe360 is a cost-effective safety management app that helps you identify and control workplace hazards and report incidents. Using the app, you can easily manage your workplace and improve productivity and employee satisfaction. The app also provides real-time insights to help you make better decisions. A safer workplace means happier employees and a healthier bottom line. Plus, you’ll have complete control over your data.