Insulation is an essential component to a home’s comfort and energy efficiency

Insulation is an essential component to a home’s comfort and energy efficiency. When you choose to have your attic properly insulated, you can improve your property’s value and save money on your utility bills. You can even receive rebates from Efficiency Manitoba. These rebates help to offset the cost of insulation, and can make the project much more affordable.

The type of insulation Attic Insulation Winnipeg you choose will greatly impact the overall cost of your attic retrofit. There are several different options to consider, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, reflective insulation is a cheap option, but it can only be used in warmer climates since it reflects radiant heat instead of absorbing it. In colder regions, it is best to complement reflective insulation with other types of insulation.

Blown-in cellulose and fiberglass are common choices for attic insulation. They both offer superior performance, but are generally more expensive than spray foam. However, they provide excellent thermal properties and can be easily installed in attics. These products are also breathable and resistant to moisture.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, attic spray insulation in Winnipeg reduces air leakage and prevents your home’s heating and cooling systems from working overtime. Unlike other types of attic insulation, spray foam seals gaps and cracks to ensure that no warm air escapes your living spaces. This reduces your air permeability by 25 times, and makes your home more comfortable throughout the year.

When selecting an attic insulation company in Winnipeg, it is important to choose one that is reputable and offers a free estimate for their services. They should be able to tell you the types of insulation that will be recommended for your home, and they should also give you an estimate of how long it will take to install the new insulation.

Some older homes may require more extensive work when adding new attic insulation. This is because the old insulation may be damaged or have reached the end of its life expectancy. This can be due to animal infestations, moisture problems, or simply age. In these cases, the old insulation will need to be removed and replaced with new materials.

Attic insulation companies in Winnipeg are able to perform various types of attic upgrades and can install several different types of insulation. Some of the most popular include blown in cellulose and fiberglass, although spray foam is becoming increasingly popular. The advantage of foam is that it expands and fills all the little cracks and crevices, making it ideal for attics. It is also very effective, and has a higher R-value per inch than other types of insulation.