Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofits

Before starting your fundraising campaign, you must identify your target audience. This step will help you determine how successful your fundraising efforts will be. By identifying your audience, you will know whom to contact to promote your project and how to interact with them. It is also important to set specific goals that are measurable and realistic. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, you can begin the budgeting process.

Event fundraising

Event fundraising is a great way to grow your network of supporters. For example, on average, five teams that hold two peer-to-peer fundraisers each raise about 150 new donors. And while you can’t solicit supporters’ family members, you can encourage them to give to your cause.

Donor research

Donor research is the process of learning about your donors. ThisĀ How to fundraise knowledge will help you write more effective appeals and retain more donors. Donors often share their personal information with you, but sometimes you have to search for it. Fortunately, there are many tools that can help you perform this research.

Potluck banquets

A potluck banquet for fundraising has many benefits. Not only is it a great way to raise money for your organization, but it also brings people together and builds community. To make a successful potluck banquet, you should choose a spacious location, and encourage people to bring a dish to share, so that everyone can enjoy a diverse selection of foods. During the event, people can chat with each other and discuss your cause.


Candygrams are an inexpensive way to raise money for your cause. You can sell them for as little as $1 each. This is an excellent profit margin and encourages participation. For an extra personal touch, you can also write a personal message on each candy gram. It’s even possible to use a holiday theme. For example, you could send a Valentine gram, which is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This idea is also applicable for year-round fundraising.


Facebook fundraising can be done organically or through paid ads. There are a few things you should keep in mind when planning a fundraiser, however. First, your nonprofit should have an established Facebook Page with a published and complete profile. Secondly, it must be able to raise money for its organization. While some research suggests that people are more likely to donate if they can see a face behind the organization’s cause, Facebook fundraisers still need to ask for money.


Instagram has introduced a new fundraising feature for users, which lets them use it to support a cause they care about. This new feature is currently in beta and is available to users over the age of 18. To use this feature, users must select a charity from the search bar.


Using Twitter for fundraising campaigns is a great way to spread awareness about your cause. You can use the 140-character limit to your advantage by incorporating hashtags into your tweets. These hashtags will be used by many people and will allow you to connect with new followers.