Central Coast Air Conditioning Problems?

In most instances, if you are searching for air conditioning services, whether it be in Orange County Los Angeles, or any other place for that matter, you will find yourself checking out the features offered by various units. On the surface, these features can seem identical on the exterior. But, with the many choices that you now have when it comes to cooling your home, there are some noticeable differences. There is split system air conditioners, wall mounted options, and ducted options. You may even be surprised to know about some newer technologies like the portable coil unit or the evaporative cooler that you can now choose from.

Air Conditioning Central Coast

Let’s start off with the wall mounted units. Many businesses, both commercial and residential, have decided to install their own versions of this type of air conditioner. This is often a trusted tradie in the business, as they are able to install the units quickly and in most cases, the business owner can do the installation work as well. There are also a few businesses in the Central Coast area, such as Trane and Carrier, who decide to use their own equipment. Most of these units have been certified by Trane, meaning that they have met the exact specifications required by the manufacturer. If you have ever seen the original Trane air conditioning system, you probably noticed the white and black pluming that lines up the ducts.

Now, you might be wondering why there are now companies that are turning to wall mounted air conditioners instead of the more traditional split system units. The answer is quite simple. One of the main differences between the two units is the size. Whereas split systems use multiple ducts in order to cool the air in a home, a wall mounted system only uses one large duct to cool the entire house. This means that central coast ducted systems provide air conditioning central coast homes with much better temperature control.

In addition, modern central coast ducted air conditioning units have variable speed fans inside of them. A traditional unit has one speed fan, and the motor is usually located in the attic. The fan can move around the house, but it is often not efficient enough to cool multiple rooms at the same time, especially in larger homes.

Finally, there are many new technologies in central coast ducted air conditioning systems that have become popular in recent years. One of these technologies is the reverse cycle ductless system. This is a fairly new technology that were recently introduced into the market, but it is proving extremely useful for both energy savings, and comfort. With the reverse cycle ductless air conditioning unit, you do not have to have an open, crumbly duct system, and you do not have to deal with the problems that crumbly ducts present. If your air conditioning needs are minimal, this is probably the best option for you.

In summary, trust your trusted tradie when you have central coast ducted air conditioning problems. Ask your trusted tradie to run tests on your AC. Tell your trusted tradie that you want to replace your current AC with a ducted air conditioning system, and that you want something that is more energy efficient and that is also quiet. If your trusted tradie cannot test your AC for you, and you want to replace your current AC, tell your tradie that you want a ductless system installed in your home. Tell your tradie to install wall mounted split systems so that your air conditioning units can operate from the walls.