Prepare Your Home for Canadian Winters With an Exterior Renovation

The long Canadian winter can make spring seem like it’s light years away. But if you’re ready to get your house renovations in order, it’s not too late to start on an exterior project or two.
The main benefit of doing an exterior renovation in the winter is that your work won’t be interrupted by a short window of warm weather and the busy season for contractors. This means you’ll save money on labour and materials, and the project will be completed sooner.
In the winter, you’ll find that painters are less busy and will take the time to be meticulous with their work. They’ll also have the advantage of working with your home heating on so that paint can dry faster than during summer. This is especially true if you’re planning a new painting job on the exterior of your home.
If your cladding is discoloured, deteriorating or just looking outdated, this is an ideal opportunity to modernize your home’s facade. In Toronto’s competitive real estate market, a full facade renovation will add value to your home and also improve its curb appeal.
For a complete re-working of your home’s exterior, consider including an eavestrough upgrade, fascia and soffit replacement and trimming upgrades. These are important in preventing moisture penetration and leaks, which can cause costly damage to interior walls and ceilings as well as mould and mildew. Caveman Exteriors will make sure your home’s exterior is protected and prepared for this winter, and the years to come.
Façade renovations are a popular trend that are changing the face of many Toronto neighbourhoods. However, these renovations aren’t just about adding “curb appeal.” A full home facade remodel can add functional benefits to your living space and enhance the overall look and feel of your home.
If you’re ready to revamp your home’s exterior, contact Caveman Exteriors this fall for a free quote on vinyl and HardiePlank siding installation, updated eavestroughs, trim, fascia and soffit and entryway upgrade. Their team of experienced, professional installers will help you get your home in shape for winter and years to come! Call or email them today.