Is It Time For A Ducted Heater Replacement?

Having a ducted heating system in your home is a great way to get comfortable while keeping your power bill down. However, if you’re having trouble maintaining your aging gas ducted heater, it may be time to call in a professional. A replacement can be a worthwhile investment that will save you money and hassle.

One of the most important features of a ducted heating system is its ability to provide consistent warmth throughout your home or business. If you’re experiencing frequent breakdowns, you’re probably using more gas than you need to. A faulty unit can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.

A properly installed ducted heating system can last for decades, but it is still important to keep it maintained to prolong its longevity. In order to maximize the lifespan of your ducted heating unit, you need to have it regularly inspected and serviced. These services should be performed at least a couple of times a year, especially before the winter months. The average lifespan of a ducted heating unit is about fifteen years, but it can easily extend to twenty or more.

If you’re noticing a large increase in your utility bills, it may be time for a new ducted heating system. Fortunately, there are several options to choose from. There are newer models that feature more powerful warm air and lower energy usage. These units are also easier on the environment, producing less greenhouse gases than their older counterparts.

The most important component of your ducted heating system is the heat exchanger. This is a metal cylinder containing stainless metal or aluminised metal that warms the air in the unit. The ducted heater replacement  heat exchanger also removes combustible toxic gases in some environments.

In addition to the heat exchanger, you may need to install a larger grille. If you have a split system, you’ll need to place the vents strategically around your house to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your system. If you are considering replacing your current unit, a professional can assist you in finding the best installation package for your needs.

If you have an old ducted gas heater, you’ll need to be a little more savvy in order to find the most efficient unit. A reputable brand should be able to help you with this task. You may be able to save a few bucks by upgrading to a higher efficiency model.

It is possible to install a ducted heating system that can replace the electric furnace in your home. These units can be powered by natural gas or propane, making them a safe option for your home. They also come in a variety of different models, allowing you to choose the most energy-efficient unit for your particular needs. You’ll likely be surprised by how much more affordable it is to have your ducts replaced.

The most obvious advantage of a ducted heater replacement is the improved appearance of your home. Newer ducted units are sleek and modern, and look much more presentable than their predecessors. You’ll also be able to enjoy more comfortable temperatures, with less noise and less energy consumption.