How to Win With Milwaukee Marketing

The Milwaukee Bucks are making their mark in the NBA. This year, the team has sold out 11,300 full season tickets. They have one of the best young players in the league, Giannis Antetokounmpo. And despite their lack of brand recognition, the team has managed to sell merchandise in excess of $140,000.

A few years ago, the Bucks were languishing in the cellar of the NBA. But a change in ownership helped them make a comeback. In May 2014, the Bucks welcomed their new owners. One of the first moves was a revamp of their marketing strategy. They developed a list of two dozen global brands CMOs to contact. Their creative team came up with a compelling idea.

One of the most impressive achievements is the development of a new advertising campaign. It blends programmatic ad units with sponsorship activations at trade shows and trade publications. The new campaign targets meeting planners across the country. Specifically, the 2021 campaign is designed to maximize the number of attendees at events in Milwaukee.

To do this, the Bucks have partnered with Hanson Dodge, an award-winning agency. This includes a master convention calendar. Also, the team has launched a tourism campaign that showcases the city’s top-notch infrastructure and amenities.

The VISIT Milwaukee campaign is a collaboration between the Bucks, Hanson Dodge, Wisconsin Center District and the Milwaukee Convention and Visitors Bureau. TheĀ How to Win With Milwaukee Marketing campaign uses a slogan, targeted emails, sponsorship activations at trade shows, and targeted programs in the ad space.

The marketing campaign also uses a unique concept that combines meetings-centric experiences with an emphasis on city lifestyle. For example, a newly-launched commercial focuses on a safety video. The commercial is not overly elaborate, and its most impressive attribute is that it doesn’t cost much.

What’s more, the VISIT Milwaukee campaign has won several awards, including the Drum Award for Best Use of Direct Mail, which is a feat in itself. The campaign also utilizes trade publications and ad units that are targeted by niche market.

Finally, the Bucks digital team has expanded to interact with fans in new and exciting ways. These include the aforementioned marketing for the Fiserv Forum, Mecca Bar & Grill, and the Wisconsin Herd G-League team. Moreover, the Bucks have a website and mobile app where fans can watch live scores, browse through merchandise, and purchase tickets.

There’s no doubt that Milwaukee has a lot to offer the sports world, and the team is leveraging its global appeal to grow revenue and increase fan engagement. By using a combination of marketing strategies, the Bucks are on the path to victory. However, in order to get the most out of this new strategy, they should consider a variety of factors. Using a Milwaukee marketing agency may help them reach a wider audience, develop more relevant content, and generate more revenue.

Dusty Godey is the chief marketing officer of the Bucks. He was named the director of marketing services for the organization in 2012. His team is responsible for developing promotions, advertising, and marketing campaigns. Additionally, he oversaw the construction of a new arena, which was just completed.