Essential Tools for Door Repair

I bought this door about two years ago as an upgrade from an IdealPet dog door. This door is a lot more sturdy than the old one. I have had it in my house through all sorts of Upstate NY weather and it has held up great. My dogs use it 4+ times a day and I have not had to do anything to it in all that time, just clean the flap occasionally. It is a little noisier than my previous door but nothing that bothers me. I think it is worth the price and quality. Mercedes price and 80’s Hyundai quality, I can’t complain.

In vignette 1 we have the requisite three idiots waltzing up to the writhing, throbbing, ominous spaceship-like doors and they nonchalantly stare at them. Do they scream? Run? Do anything that a rational person would do when confronted with a obviously dangerous thing? No. They stand there like a bunch of morons until they eventually dissappear.

The next vignette has some other people find the doors in their woods and they try to investigate them. It doesn’t take long for them to fall victim to the doors. Again, they stand there like morons until the doors destroy them. I have carried around “Mars Attacks” as the worst movie of all time, but I think this one just might nip it in the bud.

The third and final vignette has a guy who finds a door in his woods. He is supposed to report it, but he’s a super genius and doesn’t. He decides to set up some audio equipment so that he can talk to the door. This is the part where the movie becomes incomprehensible. He has some sort of gizmo that pipes his voice through the stereo and then somehow can hear the answer. If the door says something back, it’s a reverse swing. If it says something else, it’s a left hand hinge (LHH) and the door opens in toward you.

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How to Repair a Sticking Door

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How to repair a damaged door?

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Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing a Door Threshold

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